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TipJars, Gift-Tables, Radios and my scripts

PLEASE READ before contacting me regarding a tipjar, gift-table or radio:

I do not make tipjars, gift table or radios, but I do sell tipjar and radio scripts which may be purchased either from my store ab's Emporium in Second Life, or from the Marketplace: abTipJar Script, abVenueTipJar Script and abRadio Script.

I sell these scripts with copy and transfer permission so that other creators can use my scripts in the objects that they create to sell or give away.

I offer full support to anyone who has purchased one of my scripts or any of my products, I try and respond to any IM queries regarding my products promptly. Even if I am offline I can generally respond via e-mail in no more than an hour or two. Unless of course I am asleep or on the rare occasion out of town on business or on holiday.

I have sold hundreds of scripts in SL. These have found their way into thousands of tipjars and radios, and unfortunately many of the creators of these objects have left my name in the configuration notecard as the person to contact for support.

As a result I receive dozens of requests a week for support for products I did not make and have never actually seen. Responding to these queries has wasted an enormous amount of my time, so I would appreciate it that instead of contacting me, you please contact the creator of the item.

If you are unable to contact the creator of the object, you may be able to find the answer to your question in the FAQs below, else if you would still like support from me, please purchase the relevant script either in-world or from the the Marketplace and I will be happy to provide you with my full attention.

FAQ's - Frequently asked questions

In the near future I will be adding more answers here.